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Who was the longtime celebrity pitchman for priceline dot com? Trust the Best to RDU - 5 STARS - Call AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924-6908 (William Shatner)

What was the deadliest hurricane in US history? Trust the highest rated Taxi Cabs to RDU - CALL/TEXT AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (The Great Galveston,1900)

What is Shaquille O'Neal's shoe size? Call AAction Taxi Cab Now for your next trip to the RDU AIRPORT - Dependable, Affordable, Clean Text to 919 924-6908 (22)

In baseball, what shape is home plate? Make AACTION TAXI CAB your new "go to" taxi co...like many others...you will love us...CALL/TEXT 919 924-6908(pentagon)

What does a tendon connect? At AACTION TAXI CAB, we connect people to RDU airport on time, safely, and for a fair price CALL/TEXT 919 924-6908 (muscle to bone)

Hugh Hefner holds a world record in which hobby/craft? CALL AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 for reliable, safe, affordable rides to/from RDU (scrap booking)

Who was the first man to break the sound barrier? We won't break the sound barrier to RDU airport however, we will get you there on time. Call AAction Taxi at 919 924-6908 (Chuck Yeager)

Which TV family resided at 10 Stigwood Avenue in Brooklyn, New York? Trust AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU for your flight to the Big Apple. CALL or TEXT NOW to 919 924-6908 (Huxtables)

What is the highest military rank achieved by a dog? Don't get gouged by the others, trust the most reliable cab to RDU-AAction Taxi - 919 924-6908 (Sergeant)

Where did the famed "Shootout at the O.K. Corral" take place? TRUST AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU and fly to Arizona - CALL US now at 919 924-6908 (Tombstone)

Which state grows 95% of all the pumpkins in the US? Allow 5 Star AAction Taxi Cab to safely take you to RDU Airport in style and on time 919 924-6908(Illinois)

What is the day after Halloween called? No, Not “Devour Candy Day”... Trust AAction Taxi Cab to get you safely to RDU Airport CALL 919 924-6908 (All Saints Day)

What gives blood Which President served for the shortest time? AAction Taxi Cab can get you to RDU on time in our clean taxis! CALL 919 924-6908 (William Henry Harrison,31days)

?What were the Secret Service code names for Barbara and George H. W. Bush? The code name for great rdu taxi service is...AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (Tranquility and Timberwolf)?

What company is the largest private employer in the world? AAction Taxi Cab is not the biggest, but we are the best! Call now for your RDU fare - 919 924-6908 (Walmart)

Which football icon lends his name to one of the best-selling video game franchises in history? Call a winning team for your next fare to RDU. AAction Taxi - 919 924-6908 (John Madden)

?In Which Country Does Mom Get Tied Up on Mother’s Day? Don’t get all tied up going to the RDU Airport CALL AACTION TAXI at 919 924-6908 (Yugoslavia)?

Memorial Day was originally created to honor fallen soldiers of which war? Don’t get stranded by those other guys, CALL AAction Taxi Cab for your trip to RDU airport 919 924-6908 (Civil War)

Which fast food restaurant should you avoid if you suffer from coulrophobia? There is NO fear when you trust your fare to RDU airport to AACTION TAXI CAB 919 924- ?Who was the highest-ranking actor in military history? Put your trust in AAction Taxi Cab to and from RDU Airport. CALL or TEXT 919 924-6908 (Jimmy Stewart,Major Gen)?

?What teams played in the very first Super Bowl on January 15, 1967? Expect and receive super service from AACTION TAXI CAB the next time you need a fare to or from RDU airport. CALL 919 924-6908 (Packers and Chiefs)?

?What is the tallest man-made monument in the United States? Take AACTION TAXI CAB to RDU and fly west to visit the park. CALL or TEXT - 919 924-6908 (Gateway Arch, 630 ft, STL)?

What species of dinosaur is Barney? Trust the BEST taxi service to RDU - CALL or TEXT AAction Taxi Cab at 919 924-6908 (Tyrannosaurus Rex)

?What World War I battle had the most casualties? Take AAction Taxi Cab to RDU Airport and head east over the pond. CALL or TEXT 919 924-6908 for five star taxi service to the airport. (Battle Of The Somme, over one million men dead or wounded)?

?What early internet service company was once known as "Quantum Computer Services Inc."? Get to RDU Airport safely and on time. Trust The Best. Book AAction Taxi Cab NOW at 919 924-6908. (AOL,1991)?

?What U.S. Vice President killed a man while in office? Don’t miss that important flight out of RDU Airport - CALL or TEXT AACTION TAXI CAB now at 919 924-6908 (Aaron Burr dueled Alexander Hamilton in 1804)?

?Who is featured on the most expensive baseball card ever sold at auction? Trust AACTION TAXI CAB for your fares to and from RDU Airport - CALL or TEXT to 919 924-6908 and get 10% OFF your first fare (Honus Wagner, $3.12 million in 2016, only 50-200 T206 cards made)?

?What national park shares its name with an album by U2? Take AAction Taxi Cab to RDU and fly west for a visit. CALL or TEXT 919 924-6908 and book your 5 STAR Fare Now (Joshua Tree, CA, 1936)?

What is the world's largest island? Trust AAction Taxi Cab for your important trip to RDU Airport... CALL NOW 919 924-6908 to make a reservation. (Greenland)

What was major league baseball’s Yogi Berra’s real first name? Don’t miss your all important RDU Airport flight...Trust AAction Taxi Cab to get you there in comfort and on time. CALL or TEXT 919 924-6908 to make a reservation. (No, it was not BooBoo...it was Lawrence)

Whose likeness is depicted on the Purple Heart? Trust the best when going to RDU Airport. CALL or TEXT AAction Taxi Cab at 919 924-6908 to make your reservation. (George Washington, 1782)

What is the common name for the star Sirius? Treat yourself to the safest, cleanest, and most reliable taxi cab service to and from RDU airport. CALL or TEXT now to AAction Taxi Cab at 919 924-6908 (The Dog Star, the brightest star in the sky...and you thought it was just a radio subscription)

Which U.S. city named an airport for Ronald Reagan in 1998? Let AAction Taxi Cab take you to RDU for your next important trip. Use us once and you will always call us first. CALL or TEXT NOW 919 924-6908 (Washington DC)

Which movie was accidentally awarded the Oscar for Best Picture in 2017? Try the BEST taxi service to RDU Airport...CALL or TEXT NOW 919 924-6908 (La La Land)

Long John Silver is the villain of a novel written by what author? Don’t worry about your trip to or from RDU Airport...CALL or TEXT the BEST NOW...AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 (Robert Louis Stevenson, who wrote Treasure Island)

Where is the world's largest known stockpile of gold? It’s a short flight to this city from RDU...CALL or TEXT NOW to AAction Taxi Cab at 919 924-6908. Use Us Once And You Will Always Call Us First...Five Star Service...(80ft below Wall St, Manhattan NY, about 508,000 bars)

It was requested that everyone in America turn off their lights for one minute to honor whose death? Don’t let the shady ride shares disappoint you for that all important taxi fare to RDU Airport. CALL or TEXT AAction Taxi Cab at 919 924-6908. Trust the Best (Thomas Edison, great American inventor with 1093 patents.)

What is a group of jellyfish called? Hint: don’t be “kissed” by one of these babies”. Trust the best when going to and from RDU Airport. Call or Text AACTION TAXI CAB at 919 924-6908 for the most reliable taxis to RDU. (smack)

?The average lightning bolt is about 5 miles long and how wide? No matter how long your trip to RDU Airport...you can count on AACTION TAXI CAB to get you there safely and on time. CALL or TEXT NOW- 919 924-6908 (1 inch)?

?Henry John Deutschendorf became famous under what name?? AAction Taxi Cab became famous by providing safe, reliable, comfortable and affordable transportation to RDU Airport. Call or Text NOW 919 924-6908 (John Denver)?

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